Global Stability Forecast: Special 2018 Edition

November 17

On the heels of turbulent 2017, one thing is clear – 2018 will see even bigger changes, and with them – more challenges to your operations. From the disintegration of the Islamic State’s “Caliphate” and the effect it will have on global jihad, the rise of nationalism and separatism threatening borders as we know them, shifting superpowers and the regional tensions they draw, climate changes promoting conflict over resources, to maritime piracy threats to shipping interests – these are merely some of the topics we covered in this special edition of our global stability report to help you prepare for what waits ahead.


As you are planning for the coming year, know that you should not be forced to simply react to what may seem as unexpected developments or force majeure. We at MAX have the expertise and knowledge to anticipate these developments, minimize their potential negative effects, and maximize potential gains that can be made from them, and are ready to support your operations wherever, whenever.